"I came to Sweet Pea for help with my 2 yr old dog who had diarrhea constantly with any dry food we fed him.  The vets suggested a prescription diet, they told me it was “irritable bowel”.  At Sweet Pea I was told that my dog could not digest dry foods and that I should try the raw diet with him.  After 1 week on his new diet he was 80% better and after a month he was totally cured.  He now eats nothing but the raw diet.  I cannot thank the people at Sweet Pea enough for giving us back our dog who is now happy and healthy.  Without their expert diet advice we would still be battling health problems due to diet.  Thank you Sweet Pea!"

Katherine, South Windsor, CT

"We visited Sweet Pea for help with our 6 yr old black lab who was itching constantly.  At the vet we were given steroids and anti-biotics but we were never told what was causing the itching.  Sweet Pea asked what we were feeding our lab and after talking with them they suggested a healthier, grain free diet and they also asked us if we had checked for fleas.  Fleas we had not thought about.  They explained that if a dog is bitten by a flea, many dogs have allergies to the flea bite and will itch all over and itch aggressively.  We bought a flea comb, they told us what to look for, and sure enough, our dog had fleas!!!  We are now on a healthier, all natural diet and flea free, thanks to Sweet Pea!   It is a great place to shop and very knowledgeable people to help you with your pets."

Mark, Tolland, CT

"My older finicky cat just about stopped eating when I went in to Sweet Pea for advice.  I told them she is a very picky eater and she stopped eating the food she has been eating for years which I bought in the grocery store.  She was also vomiting many of her foods that never bothered her before.  Sweet Pea explained to me that as cats get older they may become more sensitive to by-products, grains and preservatives in many of the grocery store brands.  I now have a happy old cat because she loves all the foods at Sweet Pea.  There are so many different cat foods for her to try she will never have a chance to tire of any of the foods.  Sweet Pea has a huge selection of cat foods and I thank them for all their knowledge and help in making my cat a happy one!"

Elizabeth, Glastonbury, CT